Series 101- Pressure Blowers

FBA Series 101 Pressure Blowers are designed to move low volumes of clean or contaminated air at relatively high pressures.

Belt driven or direct-coupled models are available in Single Stage, Multi-Stage or Cross-Over configurations. The blade design is radial tip with a curved inlet heel. Pressure is maintained over a wide range of capacity with the pressure curve stable from closed off to free flow.

Casings and impellers are extremely robust to meet the tough working conditions to which they are subjected. The most common arrangement is No. 4 Direct Drive, which has the impeller mounted directly onto the motor shaft. Belt drive and coupling driven arrangements are also available.

Blowers can be manufactured from stainless steel and can be constructed to operate at temperatures up to 400°C. Typical use would be on air slides, flotation tables, furnaces, combustion air, vacuum producers and any industrial application requiring air at high pressures.

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