Series 2000-3000 Blowers

The Series 2000 and Series 3000 is a range of backward inclined and radial blade high pressure blowers. Both series share eight case configurations, based from three profiles with up to ten impeller designs.

This ensures our customers can optimise their fan selection with the wide range of performance characteristics to provide the most efficient selection for the required duty.

The Series 2000 range of fans has been developed to meet the requirements of low to medium volumes at high static pressures using a backward inclined impeller.

The blades are flat single plate backward inclined types, which are self-cleaning to a certain degree. These fans are suitable for operating in various industrial applications where a rugged construction, heavy-duty, high-speed fan, capable of operating over its complete pressure-volume curve is required.

Both Series 2000 and Series 3000 fan ranges are available with impeller diameters ranging from 315mm through to 1520mm. The smaller sizes to 840mm diameter are generally direct drive, arrangement 4.

All sizes can be supplied as belt driven arrangement 1 and can also be constructed to operate at temperatures up to 400°C. Featured below are the curves of the largest impeller in each of the three casing profiles for the 2000 series. Fan static efficiencies up to 80% peak can be achieved with the advantages of a nonoverloading power characteristic.

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