Swing Out Door Fan

FBA can supply a full range of centrifugal type fans suitable for mounting directly to the walls of ovens, kilns, dryers etc. and can be constructed to operate up to 450°C.

Various types of impellers can be supplied depending on the volume-pressure and temperature requirements. Plug fans can be supplied with or without scroll housing, depending on the application.

If required, the complete drive and impeller assembly including the drive motor can be fitted to a swing out door assembly. This unique design allows quick access to the impeller for cleaning etc. In addition, the shaft design permits 100mm insulation to be incorporated with the door or fixed panel.

This swing out door arrangement can also be used on standard floor mounted type fans where quick access to the fan impeller is required without disturbing the connecting inlet duct. A typical use for a swing out door fan would be in large spray booth installations.

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