Ventilation Centrifugal Fans

Series 1000 SWSI Fans

Series 1000 Single Width Single Inlet (SWSI) fans are most commonly used when suction duct is required on the fan inlet. The single width fan has the advantage of providing a connection from the duct straight to the fan inlet, without the use of inlet boxes.


Series 1000 DWDI Fans

Series 1000 Double Width Double Inlet (DWDI) fans are used primarily in air handling units or in plenum chambers where the connection of the inlet duct directly to the fan is not a requirement. A similar size DWDI fan will produce approximately …


In-line Centrifugal Fans

FBA In-line centrifugal fans combine the performance characteristics of the traditional scroll-type centrifugal fans with the space saving advantages of axial type fans. These fans are applicable for general building ventilation, commercial and …


AHU Fans

FBA have recently introduced a range of Air Handling Unit (AHU) fans, designed to appeal to fan buyers looking for a less expensive double width, double inlet centrifugal fan option. …


Plug Fans

FBA have recently introduced a range of Plug fans, these being high performance centrifugal impellers that have been designed for clean or slightly dusty air, to achieve the best possible aerodynamic performance when not fitted within a conventional fan housing. …


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